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Project Description

Bookmate II

  • Unique design of sprout out of a flowerpot and roots in it.

  • Enables you to keep a writing instrument in handy, together with a book, and to have a bookmark inserted in the book.

  • Any kind of a bound book, including hardcovered, which is thicker than about 0.2 inches can be used with

  • Enhancing convenience in reading, and reducing the hassle of packing a pen.

  • Being flexible, suitable with most pens in diameter about 0.27 to 0.39 inches / 7 to 10 mm, regardless of being of a clip.

  • Customization is available for your logo





Pen Holder Plus Bookmark
Just clip a pen, write down, and fix it into the page you want.
Now, your bookmark is carrying your pen stably all the time.
Once securely placed, it doesn’t fall out from the book easily, yet readily detachable.
Since it’s very light, you won’t be influenced in writing.




– Order Model with Pen –


Name c-cloud BOOKMATE II
Material ABS with Urethane Coating
Size L61 x W35 x D11mm
Color Titan, Green
Packaging Depending on packages
Carton Depending on packages
Country of Origin South Korea



Another type of bookmate (bookmateⅠ) as below is also available

– ready-made model –

– order-made model –


Meterials PC+ ABS
Color White
Size L 116mm * W 47mm* H 18mm
Use bookmate & pen holder
Origin Korea